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Sunday, July 30, 2006

#245: TV Credits

I find it disrespectful to the cast and crew and annoying to me when they run TV credits in some tiny 1/4 of the screen that you could only read if you had a 52" TV. On TNT, I just saw them actually running the credits to the previous show in this little 1/10th part of the bottom of the screen as the opening theme was running for the next show. I don't have a magnifying glass with me and I don't think most other do either, so what's the point? I'd be pissed if I was in the show and didn't get the recognition because the channel was trying to squeeze in more commercials or promos. Severity: 2


Andy said...

Severity: 5

Sometimes I actually want to see who played a certain part in a movie or show, or where it was filmed. I'm amazed that they are even allowed to do this. I really love it when they both shrink it and speed it up.

Anonymous said...

Plus, they speed it up so even if it weren't squeezed into a small section of the screen, you wouldn't be able to read it.