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Thursday, July 23, 2009

#361: Little Bubble Guy Dryer Incident

I really do like the Little Bubbles guy but my last wash, he did something that really bothered me. There was this guy that took out his comforter with 2o minutes left and there were 2 dryers available. I figured I'd save $1 by using his unused time (and offsetting my wasted quarter per previous annoyance). But the LB guy blocked me and says "no use this one" and then throws in a towel to the dryer. He just didn't want me to get free drying, yet he doesn't even own the place. As a longtime customer, I felt that was chintzy of him and he's now off my list of people that I will pay a bonus to for being good people should I ever win the lottery. Severity: 4


Tobia said...

I didn't know you had a "good people worthy of sharing lottery winnings" list. I'd better be on there! :)

Marc Schoenfeld said...

I am not sure you meet the economic hardship requirements to be on the list, but you will make my "free bottle of Kettle One a month for life" list.