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Sunday, May 16, 2010

#365: No Cocktail Sauce in New Zealand

For a country that is so big into fish and chips, it annoyed me that I could never have this for dipping anywhere that served this dish, which was about everywhere and often the only thing worth getting.  I don't see how it can't exist in this country, given how complimentary it seems (to me) to this food, but they only have tartar sauce there.  Once in a bar when I asked for it, they said they didn't have it, but I guess this woman must have had others ask for it because she said she'd mix me up some, but it was more like Russian dressing, though I did appreciate the effort.  Were I to move here, I would have to ship in some or make my own and bring it with me to the fish and chips shops if eating there.  Severity: 3

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