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Sunday, April 29, 2012

#396: Car Commercials Focusing on the Gadgets

I was just appalled at a commercial for some car where the whole thing was this woman walking gingerly to her car after a marathon and in pain and she gets in and immediately turns some screen on and there's a text message on the gizmo on the dashboard from her mom congratulating her and all her pain goes away and she gets a big smile.  This is even lamer than the one where the guy surfs on his car gizmo to see his date he just dropped off has written a positive review of her night on some blog.  My beef is that people should not be buying cars based on stuff like that, but they must be if the companies are making ads the totally focus on them.  Severity: 3

Side Note: This commercial today was nearly as cheesy as the old McD commercial where a depressed mom is cheered up by her little boy saving his change to buy her a Big Mac on her birthday.

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