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Sunday, November 13, 2022

#435: Toilet Paper Width Shrinking

Common for years in products, shrinkflation has been going on with subtle shrinking of product sizes to try to keep the prices level while providing less, either due to cost pressure in production or simply wanting more profits for the companies.  I have hated this always because I think a disclaimer should be required on the product for a 6 month period notifying the size is smaller, when it's subtle.  

But with the trend in toilet paper rolls, it's SO sneaky where you really have to have a keen eye to notice that this just smacks as a total scam in my book and should be illegal to do without a notification on the package.  This is a product that no one is going to see the specs because of all the dimensions and notice it's less, unlike maybe a bottle of soda that is clearly marked with one measure.  Just opened a new package and thought it looked narrower and measured against the old one and indeed, it's 1/8th or so inch less.  This is on top of previous reductions over the past couple years.  Severity: 5

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