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Thursday, June 01, 2006

#231: Work Bathroom Paper Towel Dispense

This new floor we moved to has a bathroom with the paper towel dispenser that has the towels in so tight that every time you grab one, they rip off. I don't know if it's the dispenser or the janitor stuffing it too tight every night, but it's pissing me off greatly to the point that I grabbed a bunch and put them out flat on the railing for people to grab. Severity: 3

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Tony said...

We have something similar in our restroom, but it's an automatic thing that dispense only one little piece of paper that isn't even big enough the wipe your a**. I use the emergency feed and twirl it around until there is a nice big piece for me to dry my hands with. Once in a shile my finger slips while spinning the wheel and it gets caught between the know and the dispense and that really hurts.

--Tony (avid readere of Vicki Culver-Stockton's blog)