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Friday, May 26, 2006

#230: Contact Lense Prescriptions

Why do I need a prescription for contact lenses? Am I going to hawk my +1.00 right and +.75 left toric lens in the tenderloin to some vision addicts for money? What's the worst that can happen if someone has a wrong contact lens? It's a total scam that you can't reorder contact lenses after a certain amount of time without having another eye exam. Severity: 3


Anonymous said...


Andy said...

You know, I once asked my optometrist that very question because I was thinking the same thing you were. He said it's because a person's prescription can change over time and wearing the wrong prescription can be damaging to your eyes. Not to mention of course you wouldn't see as good as you should.

Hell, you barely even need to wear contacts. Mine are -5.25 and -4.50, and I’m as blind as a bat without them.

Vicki Stockton said...

Almost as dumb as requiring a prescription (renewed EVERY year) for birth control pills. Apparently, there's a huge black market for those as well!

Marc Schoenfeld said...

To Andy's point, I still maintain the negative effects of a wrong RX for eyes is very minor. Vicki, that's a good point. Maybe it's young girls buying them that would make people want to make sure a doctor is involved or something.