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Thursday, August 17, 2006

#248: Internet Failure

With so many crazy things I've found on the internet, such as full length version of every song they have every played on Price is Right to a nutty news segment about people in Mobile, AL looking for a Leprechaun in their neighborhood, the internet has failed me in finding something I really want. And that is either video or audio of Billy Dee Williams' Colt 45 commercial where he says "It works EVery time". How can it be that this is not floating around somewhere? Every couple of months I look for it but come up empty. Severity: 2


Vicki Stockton said...

I feel for you. I search my Tivo every month or so for Mork and Mindy reruns to no avail! Such fantastic television and I can't even share it with my offspring. You'd think Nick at Nite would show an interest. Geez.

Marc Schoenfeld said...

That is surprising as it totally is something that would be on Nick or TV Land. It was at least as big as Good Times which is on all the time.

Now that Robin Williams is back in rehab, maybe Nick is afraid it will sully their reputation, though that hasn't stopped Different Strokes with it's problem cast from being shown.