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Monday, August 28, 2006

#251: Siu Maai/Har Gao

The top item that most everyone loves at a dim sum restaurant is Siu Maai and Har Gao, which are always brought out together. However, every time I go out for dim sum, it seems that we have to wait for an inordinately long time for the smhg cart/tray to come by. Why, if so many people want this item do the dim sum places not make more of it? I suspect it's to sell the higher margin items to the impatient people, but it's annoying since I hate the feeling of waiting and not knowing whether or not these items will come out before I have to leave to return to work. Severity: 2


Vicki Stockton said...

Yes! The same exact thing happens to me at Peter Piper Pizza's lunch buffet. As soon as they bring out the "dessert pizza" (the one drizzled with butter, sugar, cinammon and frosting), it's gone in a matter of seconds. Then they decide to put another one in the oven. Hello? McFly? Like, how about making a couple of those muthas at a time? My husband nearly refuses to do the buffet with me anymore as it results in a bitch-session about the inadequacy of the Peter Piper Staff all the way home.

Marc Schoenfeld said...

In addition, it sounds like that "pizza" probably is cheaper that real pizza in costs, so you'd think they'd want people to fill up on it by making it more readily available. I'd hate to have to answer the phone at that place. Major tongue-twister.