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Monday, September 18, 2006

#254: Saving Parking Spots

I hate it when I see people standing in the street trying to save a spot for their friend. It's morally bankrupt to do this since only a car can save a spot, otherwise, any bum could sit in a chair and charge people to make him move. This story reminded me of the annoyance and I guess others take the same, albeit much more violent, offense to the practice as I do. Severity: 3 (equates to a mean glare, NOT knifing)


Andy said...

If a Severity: 3 equals a mean glare, what does a Severity: 5 equal? A knifing perhaps?

Anonymous said...

I've been asked several times to hold a spot for someone, but I've always declined, fearful that someone who desperately wants the spot will run over me.