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Monday, November 06, 2006

#262: Voting For/Against Judges

In my sample ballot for this election, there's a bunch of state supreme court and appeals court judges that I'm supposed to be for or against. But there is absolutely no information on these guys in the voter pamphlet. I even went online to try to find some information and couldn't so how can anyone make an informed decision that is not a lawyer or another judge familiar with the guys (which is about 99% of the state?) I'm voting against all of them just in case one is a wacko. Severity: 3


Vicki Stockton said...

I left them all blank.

Did you know you can be a judge with absolutely NO law background?

Marc Schoenfeld said...

No, I always thought a judge had to be a former lawyer. I don't see why they even waste the paper for the ballot to have the public "confirm" these judges with no information.

Anonymous said...

Are you serious, Vicki? I find that to be extremely disturbing.