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Thursday, November 30, 2006

#267: Chasers

I don't like when people take shots in a bar and follow with chasers of beer. I feel it takes away from the shot. If you can't or don't like the shot without the chaser, don't do the shot. Severity: 1


Andy said...

There's one exception to this annoyance, however, that I think you would appreciate: When you get a soda in a bar, they will usually charge you a buck or two. However, if you are buying an alcoholic drink and ask for a soda chaser (coke, sprite, etc), they will usually give it to you for free (although in a smaller glass). This is of course a good way to get a free soda for between drinks so that you ensure that you are getting enough water into your system so as to avoid a hangover the next morning.

Marc Schoenfeld said...

hmm, never thought of that. as a maven of value, I appreciate the free beverage, even if it makes one look like a wimp.