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Thursday, December 14, 2006

#269: Lead Singer Instrumental Behavior

During concerts, when they get to the instrumental part of a song, lead singers that don't play an instrument tend to make all sorts of crazy movements or do lame things like air-guitaring to make up for not singing. Why can't they just step back and let the others have the limelight for a bit? Worst offender is Robert Plant during Led Zeppelin drum, guitar or bass solos. Severity: 2


Anonymous said...

I totally agree! I saw Plant and Page perform in the mid-90's and Plant acted like an idiot.

Marc Schoenfeld said...

I'm impressed with your coolness that you saw them. I still like him and Zep, but I just think that aspect is lame. And I also think it's about strutting around in his tight jeans which might have brought in a few more lady fans during their prime.

Andy said...

Wow Bia, I'm impressed too.