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Sunday, December 24, 2006

#272: Parents Defending Criminal Kids

Once, I want some parent to admit that their kid is a terrible person. We are advanced life forms and don't have to blindly protect children even when they are obviously bad and old enough so that we know they will not change. Example is seen all the time in interviews with parents, such as this one today from the mother of a son who was an escaped convict that died in a police shootout where he also killed the police office. Keep in mind that this guy escaped from prison and the facts of the case or not in dispute. Severity: 4

Ruff was imprisoned for a September 2003 robbery in Daly City, in which he hit an armored car guard and stole $4,600. He was on parole from a gun conviction at the time. He had been a fugitive since February 2005, when he walked away from a state prison firefighting camp in Redway

Mother: "He was a wonderful man. He was brilliant. He was a very good man,'' she said. Asked for more detail, she said, "Why bother? It's too late now. People who didn't know him won't care.''


Anonymous said...

I'm equally annoyed when people are defensive of their criminal parents.

(a woman, when asked to comment on why she was supporting her father who was convicted of murder):

"But, *sob* *sob*, he's my daddy!"

Marc Schoenfeld said...

Good point. That is basically the same thing. I just don't see it as often since it's usually the younger person that gets into trouble, but that is equally annoying.