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Monday, March 10, 2008

Public Input Needed: Vote For Most Baffling Annoyance

I'm curious what visitors to this blog think is the oddest annoyance I have. By odd, I mean you can't see how something could annoy someone enough to waste the time to write it down. For reference, refresh your memory with the archives and don't forget to check out the old entries on my main website. I will allow you to pick up to 3. Based on the responses, I may or may not do some soul-searching and do my best to stop being annoyed by things that shouldn't bother me so much. Thanks,



Anonymous said...

Hi M -

I reread your long list of annoyances, thinking there would be at least one item I could refute, but I didn't come across any. I agree with your reasons for the things you declare annoying.

A lot of your annoyances reminded me of Arnon, especially the one about pooing, showering, and then having to poo again. Arnon gets so annoyed when that happens to him.


Marc Schoenfeld said...

Thanks, you are too nice. But I know there are things like being annoyed at others for being cold when I feel they shouldn't be that are wrong.