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Sunday, June 08, 2008

#319: Wamu Credit Card Offers

I don't mind credit card offers, as someone who signs up for one if there's any deal to be had. However, Wamu keeps sending me this scam deal where they trumpet "0% of purchases till [really long time from now]" but then there's an asterisk that says "when you transfer a balance." Of course, the interest rate on the balance transfer is like 8%. In addition, they count on the average Joe not understanding about the payment allocation rules which state that your payments go to pay off the lower interest rate balance before the higher rate balance, which means that keeping to take advantage of the 0% on purchases, you necessarily have to be paying interest on the 8% balance transfer balances. Anyway, it's a bad deal and the fact that I get one of these from them about every two weeks is annoying and makes me not ever want to deal with this bank. Severity: 2

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