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Saturday, June 21, 2008

#324: Debit Card Usage

I don't understand why I see people using debit cards so much. It's obviously better than writing a check, which you hardly ever see. But my problem is that I know most of these people also have a credit card and so why aren't they using that instead? You get points, you have no chance for overdrafts, your rights for disputing charges are better, and you get interest free float for at least 20 days. Any points rewards programs associated with debit cards are FAR inferior to credit cards, which usually have a standard 1% cash back or gift card back amount, while debit cards are typically 1/3 or less of that reward, if they have any at all, which most don't. Only exception is people that need cash back, so I'm talking about people that use it with a signature, not PIN. Severity: 2

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