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Saturday, April 11, 2009

#357: Subway Robots

I don't like how so many people are suckered into the $5 Footlong deal at Subway. There are nearly as many Subways now in downtown SF as Starbucks and at lunch, you see a ton of fools walking around with their lame plastic bags from this place. Don't people realize that the amount of meat on the sandwich is shamefully small, regardless of the large length of the sandwich, and low quality meat to boot? I pay $5.75 for a roast beef sandwich at my favorite shop. It's not a giant sub I can carry around in a plastic bag like all the other office drones, but it does have probably 4x the meat on 1/4 the bread and is Boar's Head which is top notch, on toasted sour dough with excellent condiments and the profits are local and not plowed into funding Jared's retirement. People need to realize they are being played by the marketing and instead support and enjoy a better quality product from a local sandwich shop. Severity: 4

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