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Saturday, January 11, 2014

#413: Transbay Bus Terminal Between-Pole-Squeezers

OK, this one is a bit obscure, so will take some explaining.  At the San Francisco Temporary Transbay Terminal, they require people crossing the road to get to the inner loading areas for various bus lines to use designated crosswalks manned by staff to ensure people don't get run over and the busses can get out of the place.  My stop is luckily on the outskirts so don't have to be subject to this, but in an effort to keep people from crossing where they shouldn't, my stop has placed these benches strategically to discourage people from going between poles.  The result is that when there is a line for my bus, if you don't squeeze between the poles and the benches, you have to circle around and walk further.  I personally walk further because I don't like to squeeze and brush against the pole and the time savings is minimal.  But, I don't begrudge those that do so when there is a line.  However, when there is not a line, the opening to the bus door is so close to where you come around the blockage, there's no benefit in making the squeeze.  It save maybe 2 steps.  So when I see people do it, it makes me annoyed they are not properly doing a cost-benefit analysis in that the effort to squeeze and possibly get dirtied up is outweighed by the 2 steps of saving time.  I think this annoyance is a bit related to people that try to always get a close parking space.  It comes down to people always needing to get "the most" even when careful consideration would show a person it's not worth the effort to maximize in that situation. Severity: 2

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