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Saturday, January 11, 2014

#414: Duck-under Foul Move in Basketball

I've really not been into basketball for many years, but recently I went to my first Warrior's game in 20 years and enjoyed it so I have been watching them a bit lately.  One of my peeves of basketball is the arbitrary foul calls, which seems to have improved somewhat from what I recall.  But they still do this thing I can't stand where a player fakes a shot, get a defender to jump, and then the shooter leans under the guy to take a shot and get a foul called on him.  This is so dumb and should be outlawed.  It's like in hockey if you purposely put your face in a spot so a guy hits you with his stick to get a penalty on him.  Or in the NFL, a quarterback moved his head so a pass-rusher would hit him there and get a penalty flag.  Get this stupid "duck-under" maneuver out of basketball.  Severity: 4

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