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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

#130 to #149

  1. San Quentin taking up valuable land. It's home of scumbags that don't deserve to even see the light of day, much less be occupying some of the most expensive real estate in the country. Move this prison to some forsaken place in the desert and use that land for some good use, like a ferry stop as proposed by many. I don't give a crap about the prison guards having to move and the prisoner's families having to move to visit the jailbirds. Severity: 5

  2. The fact that it takes 20 years to execute someone. I'm all for making sure the right decision is made, but when you have appeals about how lethal injection is inhumane, this is something that has already been ruled upon a hundred times so why are lawyers allowed to keep arguing it? It should not take 20 years and millions of dollars to lawyers to make sure the guy deserves to die. It sort of defeats what I think is the main purpose of executions which is justice and a feeling of revenge that helps the grieving families of the
    murder victims and the public in general when the painful event is so far removed from the actual execution of the convict, if it ever happens at all (since many die of old age first). Severity: 5

  3. During NFL games, when there is a commercial before a kickoff and then another one right after the kickoff. It makes me glad the TIVO is negating several millions of viewed commercials a day. Severity: 5

  4. The loud sucking noise made by airplane toilets. It just never ceases to scare me that I'm going to get sucked down no matter how many times I use one. It is painful to the ears as well. Severity: 3

  5. Automatic flushing toilets. I like the automatic flushing urinals, but the toilets make me nervous because I'm always afraid it will flush while I sitting on it still and scare me with the loud WHOOSH that only a public toilet can make and splashing me with water. Severity: 2

  6. Men wearing scarves. I just don't like it. Severity: 1

  7. Unnecessary use of tire chains. Sure, some people may be novices to driving in the mountains, but when it hasn't snowed for 3 days, it just is plain idiotic to get fooled by the chain installers charging $30 that you really need to put on chains. This isn't Siberia. It doesn't matter if there is 10 feet of snow in one day, the Caltrans snowplows can clear the roads in 3 days. Severity: 2

  8. Unnecessary ski rack usage. People with giant SUVs and only 2 people in the car can easily fit skis or snowboards in the back of the car. But they insist on using a ski rack just so they can gloat to other drivers on the road that they are hitting the slopes or returning from them. Severity: 2

  9. People that sit all day in a ski lodge without skiing. These people are taking up valuable chairs and tables that the real skiers need to rest and on busy days, there aren't enough. These people should be sitting at home reading rather than taking up space in the lodge. I had to eat my lunch in the snow on a crowded day due in part to these people. Severity: 3
  10. Pickle juice running into my fries when pickles slices are served on the side as a garnish with a hamburger. Severity: 2

  11. People talking with cell phone headsets while in a lift line skiing. This is just wrong. Of course, I've only seen it at Mammoth which caters to the LA crowd, as expected. Severity: 3

  12. People the ask for pillows on planes. The purpose of a pillow is to elevate the head when lying down. On a plane, you are far from that position. There is no purpose for a pillow other than deluding oneself that they will somehow be able to simulate a bed in the painful position of a coach airplane seat. Severity: 4
  13. Fanaticism over sweet tea in the South. When visiting there, I received the looks that a paroled child molester gets when I declined this drink or stated that I didn't care for it. It's tea with sugar. Whoopee. I don't get all excited if someone visiting me doesn't like sourdough bread. Severity: 1

  14. People not appreciating the National Weather Service weather discussion. I often point out or e-mail people the detailed weather forecast discussion and it seems most are not interested, even though this is the raw information and thinking that goes behind the little "heavy snow" or "sunny" you see in the online weather. It bothers me that people don't care to know the detail of the weather and just want some simple brief summary rather than knowing the full picture like the forecaster's confidence in the weather models
    and the specific timing of events. Severity: 4

  15. People that make a clicking noise with their mouth after pausing in speech while they are thinking of what to say next. It's like they feel a need to make some sound effect for their brain working in order to prove that that they really aren't just spacing out. Severity: 1

  16. Casinos paying 6 to 5 for blackjack. It's the latest trend on the Las Vegas Strip to lower the payoff for a blackjack for low limit games, which I feel is both discriminatory and illegal and it pisses me off that these casinos feel a need to tilt an already favorable game to the house even more so with such a chintzy tactic. Severity: 5

  17. People who lick their fingers before turning a page of a magazine or book. It's nasty and unnecessary. Only exception is for librarians older than 70 with glasses with chains on them. Severity: 2

  18. Bankrupt airlines continuing to operate for so long after multiple bankruptcies. These companies are pathetic, yet they keep them running and continue to lose money for years. Pull the plug on these loser companies. Severity: 5

  19. BofA ATMs not remembering that I speak English. Every time I use an ATM, it asks if I want English or Spanish. I can't imagine why they can't program it such that it asks the user this question only one time, then assigns a value to my ATM card and has the system remember my language preference each subsequent time. Severity: 3

  20. When people say "PIN Number" regarding their secret code for their ATM card or something. The "Number" is redundant since the "N" in "PIN" already denotes that term. Severity: 1

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