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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

#170 to #189

  1. Related to below, anyone that doesn't wear sunglasses when it is sunny. The UV and visible rays of a bright sun are not good for one's eyes and it's obviously uncomfortable when you see these people squinting and shielding their face with a hand or a newspaper. Why can't they just buy some $5 sunglasses at Walgreens? Do they feel they aren't cool enough to wear shades? Annoyed people want to know. Severity: 4

  2. People that ski without goggles. It's just crazy because the sun is so bright in the high elevations and the reflection off the snow adds to the glare. In addition, the cold wind in your eyes has to effect anyone going even with just a little speed. Very large sunglasses, I can accept, but the people with small glasses trying to be cool, or those with none at all, are fools that annoy me. Severity: 3

  3. When person on a ski lift wants to put the safety bar down. There is no way someone is going to fall off one of these for any reason other than if the entire lift collapsed, in which case the bar won't be of much help. The only two exceptions I give is if there is a little kid on the lift or if there are the built in footrests which require the bar to be down to utilize. Severity: 4

  4. People that are cold when I'm a comfortable temperature. I know it is illogical to be annoyed because a person's body temperature or temperature preference differs from my own, but still, it annoys me. Severity: 3

  5. When an almost-popped kernel of hot-air-popped popcorn is in the bowl, then explodes and freaks me out. I hate that. Severity: 2

  6. The fact that salt has such trouble sticking to hot-air-popped popcorn. Severity: 2
  7. The smell of butter-flavored microwave popcorn. It's a disgusting smell that goes everywhere and lingers for hours. Severity: 5

  8. People that don't use the revolving door when there is one to enter or exit a building. The regular door with the electric button is for handicapped people. The efficiency of the revolving door allows for more people to enter and exit the building at the same time, while keeping the heat/cold out of the building. Don't be lazy, use the revolving door if it's there unless you have a good excuse not to! Severity: 4

  9. Women referring to a friend as "girlfriend." Just say "friend" and we shall assume it's a female. If it's a male friend, and it matters to the conversation (such as "I went to the football game with one of my guy friends") then specify it. If it's a romantic interest "boyfriend" is appropriate. But "girlfriend" is never appropriate, unless you
    are a lesbian. Severity: 2

  10. The nasty skin that forms in my mug of milk after heating it up in the microwave for my morning hot cocoa. Severity: 2

  11. Overuse and incorrect use of the word "pandemic" in newspaper articles. Whatever happened to the good old "epidemic?" "Pandemic" is a global epidemic, however it is used incorrectly when referring to concerns of some trouble within the US or single region because it's now the trendy term, or it's preceded by "global" which is redundant when actually referring to a global issue. Severity: 1

  12. Tip jars at non-tipping places. I just find it a little sad that these people working jobs that historically are not tip-based put out a jar like some homeless person in an attempt to make me feel guilty for keeping my change. Severity: 2

  13. In parking lots, people that go to great effort to get a close parking space when it's much faster to just park farther away and walk a little. Severity: 4

  14. That boop-boop noise from people's stupid remote control lock/alarm gadgets. In addition, I think it's ridiculous people can just use a regular key to unlock their car. And alarms do no good since no one pays attention to them. So, that makes the noise even more annoying to me. Severity: 4

  15. Wheeled luggage. What upsets me is how lazy people are that they can't carry a bag for 10 minutes or however long it takes to walk in the airport. I see people with tiny bags wheeling and I feel it indicates the laziness of society. Also, it's annoying even if the wheeler isn't lazy since they probably go work out at the gym, but why not get some free excercise carrying a bag? Only people who travel a lot and have a heavy bags do I excuse for being a luggage-wheeler. Severity: 5
  16. The way my friend Tony sneezes. He stifles it and it makes me upset that he just doesn't let it out with abandon as that is what the sneeze is for, to expel crap out of your nasal passages. Stifling sneezes is only OK if you are in some place where it's embarrassing to sneeze loud, like a piano recital. Severity: 3
  17. People brushing their teeth or clipping fingernails at work. I don't know why, but I just think this is personal hygiene that should not be done at work. Also, I have an aversion to the smell of toothpaste for some strange reason. Severity: 2

  18. Similar to the annoyance below, I don't like the idea of wrapping presents when you are giving them to someone in-person. I understand the enjoyment of the surprise of opening a mystery gift, but it's just a waste of time and paper and causes unnecessary trash when you can just as easily surprise the person in some other way that doesn't involve wrapping paper. Plus, I stink at wrapping presents. Severity: 2

  19. Giving a greeting card to someone in-person. A greeting card is appropriate for when you aren't in the presence of the person you are expressing your sentiments to and need to mail it, but if you are standing there, I don't see the point, unless it's a very funny card. But for serious cards, especially one written by the Hallmark writers, it's totally a waste of money, paper, and time. Severity: 3

  20. Seeing people in a store buy large-sized bottled water for home use in locations where the tap water is fine. It's a waste of money and creates unnecessary trash. This is especially true in San Francisco, where the tap water comes from the Yosemite snow melt and is among the cleanest and clearest tap water in the world. Severity: 5

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