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Thursday, May 04, 2006

#202 to #212

  1. Crazy cell phone rings; it ceased to be neat a long time ago and now is
    just annoying to hear everyone's favorite song every time they get a call.
    Ditto for crazy noises alerting that these a voice mail waiting. Severity: 3

  2. People that refuse to use a knife when eating a meal and cut everything
    with the side of their fork, even when it's a struggle to do so. The knife
    is there for a reason. Use it! Severity: 4

  3. Couples that share an email address. It's annoying to email someone when
    you don't know who is reading it when you sometimes only want to communicate
    with one of the people. Severity: 1 12/22/2005

  4. The practice mainly associated with teen or early-20s punks in which they
    concur with something a second person says by saying "yeah it is"
    in a tone normally associated with what one would expect to hear if the punk
    actually disagreed with the second person's statement. In other words, if
    the second person said, "Dude, that was a sweet wave", the punk
    would say "yeah it was" in a way that sounds like the first guy
    said it was a bad wave. It's dumb. Severity: 2 12/28/2005

  5. Hearing people use the tired phrase "Back in the day..." It's
    used up and now just annoying in it's overuse as it's ceased to be a novel
    term. Severity: 1 1/1/06

  6. Hearing people use the tired phrase: "...quite the...", for instance,
    in "Wow, you're quite the chef tonight with gourmet meal you have made".
    The ironic high-society language has ceased to become a novelty me to the
    point of annoyance. Severity: 1 1/1/06

  7. People twirling their pen or pencil with one hand by spinning it with their
    thumb and using the next finger as a base. I've grown weary of this feat,
    especially since I cannot do it. Mostly common among Asians, I've noticed
    through the years. Severity: 1 1/17/06

  8. At work, when I want to discuss something with people in my building, but
    they always want to do it over the phone or instant messaging. It's rare to
    have the ability to meet in person and it's more productive, so I get upset
    that people are so used to isolating themselves do to most of our meetings
    being with people in different cities that they no longer can work face to
    face with someone when the opportunity is available. Severity: 3 1/17/06

  9. This hotel on the way to work has some vent that blows this nasty garbage
    smell into the street that hits me on my bike or walking and is disgusting.
    I noticed it during the hotel worker strike and I think when it ended, the
    hotel decided to continue the garbage policy that let it build up whereever
    this nastiness is coming from. Severity: 3 1/17/06

  10. On my DISH DVR, when I want to record a hockey game on the Center Ice package,
    I am unable to alter the default times of the recording. This is an annoying
    bug since, in addition, the recording stops early anyway (as mentioned in
    prior annoyance). This bug causes me to be unable to record the game and then
    record another show after it when I know the game will certainly be over.
    Severity: 3 1/17/06

  11. When TV shows, like 24, spend nearly 2 minutes at the beginning doing a
    "Previously on ..." recap. It makes for less amount of time for
    the new stuff in the current episode and for people that missed the prior
    shows, tough luck. They should read a recap on the net or remember to set
    their DVR or VCR next time. Severity: 3 1/17/06

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