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Thursday, May 04, 2006

#190 to #201

  1. When you call up some reservation or customer service number and it's an automated response system and they make the voice sound like it's a real person even though it's not by having it interject little nice things like "let me check my records" and then you hear paper shuffling or pausing or saying "um." Either they are trying to trick me that I'm talking to a real person, or they think making a computer talk like a person is somehow
    more comforting. Either way, it's stupid. Severity: 3

  2. Audience participation at concerts. Whether at a live concert or watching or listening to a recorded live performance, I don't want to hear lame call and response or singing along by the crowd, I want to here the actual performers. Severity: 5
  3. When highway driving and there is heavy traffic, but then the traffic starts to thin out, people often continue to drive slow like they are in a trance from the prior congestion; this lack of adjusting to the thinning traffic causes the backup to continue longer and upsets me since I want to go fast as soon as possible. Severity: 3

  4. People that drive with only their parking lights on; if it's dark enough that you feel you need some lights on, why not spring for the juice and turn the full lights on? The life of the bulb is long enough that I don't think it's really a matter of saving money, rather people want to look cool with just the small lights on which I think is dumb. Severity: 5

  5. That almost all orange juice now in the stores has calcium added. It affects the taste and I don't fear not getting enough so I am forced to accept it if I want my favorite blend, orange/tangerine. Severity: 4

  6. People who write checks at stores that accept credit/debit cards. It holds up the line and is completely unnecessary in this day of electronic payments. I don't buy any excuse anyone gives me for the benefits of checkwriting, including the popular "it helps me budget" which is bull since you can do the same budgeting keeping track of debit card usage. Severity: 5

  7. Political bumper stickers. Rather than trying to sway public opinion, these are used by people just to brag to people how cultured and enlightened they are about issues or to make other angry that are not of their opinion. What purpose did a "Kerry/Edwards" sticker have when it was a foregone conclusion they would win California? "Kill Your
    Television" is another example of people just bragging to others how cultured they are that they don't watch TV. Severity: 4

  8. Web sites that require you to put the "www" before the domain name to reach their site. It's just shoddy design. Severity: 5

  9. Pedestrians who stand in the street while waiting for the light to change. Is it really that important to get a 3 foot head start at the risk of getting sideswiped? And it messes me up on my bike sometimes when I'm riding in the slot between the car lane and the parked cars and curb and they get in my way. Severity: 5

  10. Bike riders with toe clips that try to balance themselves for long periods at stop lights to avoid having to remove a foot from the clips; it's like they are trying to impress everyone and brag about their skill when it would be much more comfortable to just unclip and relax a bit. Severity: 5

  11. Anyone who have used a computer for 5 years or more, yet still can't touch type; it's so inefficient to look at the keyboard when typing, it upsets me. Severity: 5
  12. People using salt in a Chinese restaurant. The food is so salty already, plus, soy sauce is more appropriate if you need to spice something up. Severity: 5

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