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Friday, May 05, 2006

#213 to #223

  1. When an ATM is out of money and the person in front of you doesn't say anything, even though they just got the message. Severity: 2 1/28/2006
  2. City governments, mostly San Francisco and Berkeley, wasting time on passing meaningless resolutions like this one. And it's not for political reasons I don't like it. It's just plain stupid no matter what the topic to spend time when so much in the city is messed up proclaiming some statement. It's similar to the bumper sticker annoyance, but on a much grander scale. Severity: 5 2/8/2006
  3. Anyone, especially a man, who carries around one of those little dogs in a purse or tote bag. Terrible! Severity: 3 2/15/06
  4. When getting fast food to-go and they often throw in 10 ketchups without asking. It's wasteful since I don't want any ketchup and even if I did, they give way too much. Severity: 2 2/26/2006
  5. Trying to find out the exact starting time of a big sporting even like the superbowl. I don't want to waste time watching all the pre-game crap and it's hard to find any information of when the actual game starts, except by going to sports betting sites which seem to be the only people that care. Severity: 3 4/8/06
  6. When you are in the elevator with one other person of the same sex and you both pause to let the other person out. I think of myself as a pretty considerate person, yet I find that I always have to be the one to leave first or else there will be a stalemate and no one will ever make a move. Why can't the last person in or the closest to the door just be the one to go first? When it's a man and a woman, this is usually a non-issue due to the conventions of chivalry. Severity: 2 5/2/2006
  7. Though it's in the past, I used to be annoyed at Dusty Baker, manager for the baseball Giants, when he would flip around a toothpick in his mouth all game and the cameras would show this as a close-up. Severity: 1 5/2/2006
  8. I currently have had a 10% Safeway Card savings for some random reason for a couple months and every single time I use the card, the checker announces to me excitedly that I'm saving the 10% even though I know that since I've been told 15 times by now. I feel obligated to look all surprised and excited by the news because the register beeps to alert them to tell me and it must be sort of rare since they genuinely look excited themselves. The register should indicate that I know about the special savings and so they won't bug me about it repeatedly.Severity: 2 5/2/2006
  9. Airlines allowing online check-in for flights. Even though it benefits me usually as an avid Internet user, especially on Southwest where getting that A boarding group is important to avoid a middle seat, I don't like this practice since the purpose of checking in is to prove that you are actually at the airport and will be on the flight. People checking in 24 hours before can miss the flight for a variety of reasons and then they have to call out the people's names wondering where they are before they allow standbys on the flight. Severity: 1 5/2/2006
  10. In the show "Scrubs" when they have the obligatory emotional part and start playing some reject college band song to mark the moment. It's like they have to tell the viewer that it's now time to stop laughing and get serious which I find insulting. Severity: 2 5/4/2006
  11. People taking Southwest who stand in line in the "A" boarding line. With an "A" boarding group, you are assured to get a nice aisle or window seat. Is it really that important to be in the 5th row instead of the 10th that one needs to create a traffic jam and stand up for an hour in line? Severity: 3 5/4/06

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Anonymous said...

Regarding #222: I also hate the moments when Dr. Cox has a soul, feels remorse, or is sympathetic. I prefer when he's consistently a heartless bad-ass.