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Sunday, June 25, 2006

#241: Road Signs not numbered

On maps, when a road has a number, but when there is a sign on the road, it lists some nickname instead. I don't mind having both, but if I'm looking for route 1A and it's also known as the Bow Valley Parkway, why can't the sign say both since they can't expect every map to have all the nicknames listed as well. Severity: 2

#240: RVs in Campgrounds

Does nobody camp using a normal car and tent anymore? When I was in campgrounds on a recent trip, it seemed like 80% of the people had some form of RV or camper shell they were sleeping in. I really don't see the point in taking up space in a campground when you are sleeping in a car and could do the same on the side of the road rather than invade my space of tranquility where I don't care to see the glow of TVs coming from the windows everywhere. Severity: 1

#239: Hiking Poles

I get annoyed when I see people with hiking poles on trails that are pretty easy. Unless there is a trail that is very steep and with loose rock, or you are backpacking, or you are old, hiking poles are for wimps and status seekers wanting to spend more money on equipment rather that doing the actual activity. Severity: 3

#238: Gas Pumping Laws

States such as Oregon and New Jersey where you can't pump your own gas annoy me for it's inefficiency and most likely increased cost passed on to the consumer. I had to forego going to the cheapest gas on a recent trip because the line was so long at an Arco because the attendant couldn't handle the crowd. Severity: 2

#237: Weird Liquor Laws

I hate going to a state or country with restrictive liquor laws of any kind. The low alcohol percentages of the beer in Utah. No hard liquor at supermarkets in Oregon or Idaho. No liquor of any kind except in special designated stores in Canada. It's annoying, especially when you are travelling through these small towns and looking for some and used to being able to get anything in the more normal juridictions. And I really don't think it helps the alcoholics, who probably stock up a year supply in their basement in one trip. Severity: 2

#236: Cash Gas Price Scam

I've started seeing this a couple times now. This latest time was in Twin Falls, ID where I stopped to get the cheapest gas I've seen in a while advertised at $2.72. When at the pump, the card reader said price was 5 cents higher for non-cash purchases but the sign said nothing about this. The electronic sign did, but the freestanding sign with the prices did not. Given the rarity of gas stations charging different prices for cash these days, I think it's borderline fraud for this gas stations to not boldly state that their cheaper price is for cash only. Severity: 3

#235: People Smoking on Trails

When hiking on my recent trip, mostly in Canada by mostly annoying European tourists, there was a good amount of people smoking while on hiking trails which I found offensive since I come to the outdoors to get some fresh air. If I'm in a bar, I don't mind, but people smoking in the woods is just wrong. Severity: 4

Friday, June 02, 2006


Annoy Log is on vacation until June 19. I will be driving up the northwest into Canada in search of new sources of annoyance as the U.S. annoyance reserves have been nearly tapped out. Stay tuned for the flurry that is sure to build up over the next two weeks.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

#234: Fortuneless Fortune Cookies

And by this I am not referring to when the machine or $1-an-hour worker missed putting one in, but when the actual piece of paper says something like "You are well-respected by all who know you". I want a fortune cookie, not a flattery cookie. The point of the fortune is to instruct you in what to do to improve your life or give you information to look forward to and this statement of fact about yourself serves no purpose. Severity: 1

#233: Viagra Expenses

I'm annoyed that people can get Viagra as part of their medical plans, which drives up insurance premiums for everyone. To me, it's like going to the doctor complaining that I can't appreciate the A-team like I used to and getting medicated so that I do. You either have it or you don't. Nature is the best one to determine if it's time to hang up the shoes. And if you don't want to accept that, it's fine if you want to buy the drug, but I don't believe it's a valid medical expense. Severity: 3

#232: Cheap Salad Bar Patron

Total, I ate at a salad bar by weight place and some lady after she paid went back got a cup of salad dressing instead of putting it on the salad, which I feel is cheating. I know they did it to lower the weight because they could have got the cup of dressing beforehand if it was simply a matter of wanting the dressing on the side. Plus, she had that sneaky look of getting away with something when she did it. I'm all for economizing, but that is too much. Severity: 1

#231: Work Bathroom Paper Towel Dispense

This new floor we moved to has a bathroom with the paper towel dispenser that has the towels in so tight that every time you grab one, they rip off. I don't know if it's the dispenser or the janitor stuffing it too tight every night, but it's pissing me off greatly to the point that I grabbed a bunch and put them out flat on the railing for people to grab. Severity: 3