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Sunday, October 15, 2017

#424: Butterflies that won't just chill

Often in my backyard, a nice butterfly will flutter around spasmatically and I'd like to check it out a bit but always jams away.  Plenty of good spots to land so don't know why they're always in such a rush.  Severity: 1

#423: No dialog punctuation

In many books lately I'm noticing a trend for authors not putting normal quotes around dialog and just mixing it in with narration.  This is some stream of conscious or arty thing but I find it confusing as a reader and dislike.  Severity: 2

Thursday, October 12, 2017

#422: Unnecessary usage of surgical masks

With the current fires raging in the Sonoma and Napa, there is definitely some smoke in the air around SF and Oakland.  But nowhere near the amount that requires people wearing masks.  I've been in bowling alley that had way worse air and live to tell the tale.  And then later in the day, I barely can smell smoke and yet these people are walking around like it's Doomsday.  Grow a pair.  Severity: 3