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Monday, August 28, 2006

#251: Siu Maai/Har Gao

The top item that most everyone loves at a dim sum restaurant is Siu Maai and Har Gao, which are always brought out together. However, every time I go out for dim sum, it seems that we have to wait for an inordinately long time for the smhg cart/tray to come by. Why, if so many people want this item do the dim sum places not make more of it? I suspect it's to sell the higher margin items to the impatient people, but it's annoying since I hate the feeling of waiting and not knowing whether or not these items will come out before I have to leave to return to work. Severity: 2

Monday, August 21, 2006

#250: Murder-Suicide

I am annoyed by the insane action of killing someone then yourself. Obviously killing at all is bad, but when you actually plan to kill yourself after your murder, it's either the most selfish act possible (you are depressed and want to take others down if you're going down), or the killer in advance of his actions knows he can't live with the guilt so just plans to immediately kill himself after his murderous act. How someone can consciously do an act that they know they will not be able to live with is annoying to me. It defeats the whole purpose of shame when someone tries to skirt this emotional check on improper actions by taking their own life. This is not to say that regular murder does not annoy me as well, but that's fairly obvious and this annoys me more and I only put specific annoyances to me personally here. Severity: 4

#249: Recap Spoilers

This annoyance is similar to a previous one regarding my dislike of previews of future episodes, but is different enough to warrants its own entry. And it really only happens on this one show I watch, The 4400. What happens is that lately they will have a small recap of things from past episodes, some of which occurred a long time ago, and I've realized that their choice of what they recap hints at what is going to be the focus of the current show. Like if they show footage from some character who's disappeared several episodes ago, you know they are coming back in this one. I hate that. In my quest to no nothing of what might happen in the current show, it annoys me that they give away what the show will be about with this recap. Severity: 1

Thursday, August 17, 2006

#248: Internet Failure

With so many crazy things I've found on the internet, such as full length version of every song they have every played on Price is Right to a nutty news segment about people in Mobile, AL looking for a Leprechaun in their neighborhood, the internet has failed me in finding something I really want. And that is either video or audio of Billy Dee Williams' Colt 45 commercial where he says "It works EVery time". How can it be that this is not floating around somewhere? Every couple of months I look for it but come up empty. Severity: 2

#247: Bad Sushi Protocol

Dining with some people who I shall not name (except to say they are NOT from California), several ordered California Rolls but requested to HOLD THE AVOCADO. Appalling. It's like ordering a pizza with no cheese. Severity: 1

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

#246: Office Phone

Our phones at work have caller ID and roll-over lines. However, when you are on the phone on one line and getting a second incoming call, the incoming phone number does not display until and unless you answer it. This defeats one of the main purposes that a caller ID has, in that I want to know if the call coming in is worth leaving the current caller or putting them on hold for. How the phone system could be designed so stupidly is beyond me. Severity: 3