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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

#315: Handicap Button Pushers

This is similar to another one from long ago, but different enough to warrant a new entry. There's a button to open the door to the bathroom on my floor at work from the outside and inside for handicap people. This guy that is not handicap and uses it annoys me because it is shamefully lazy, in my opinion. Severity: 2

#314: Scared of Protests

People that are scared to come into the city for work the day there is supposed to be a protest because they think they'll be stranded. This isn't some third world country. The odds of something so violent and crazy happening that you are held hostage in your office are so low that not coming in is just a scam, similar to #313. Severity: 2

#313: Jury Duty Day Off Scammers

People that take the day off from work for jury duty in advance of calling in to find out if they have to go in. They're just trying to get an extra day off. Severity: 2

Monday, March 17, 2008

#312: Airborne

People that spend money on the scam product Airborne because they think it will keep them from getting sick, annoy me. I have no idea what the product is, but the fact that it says "created by a schoolteacher!" on the box, tells me that in no way can it possibly have anything else than a placebo effect. It's just another case of people wanting some magic drug to protect them. There's something about taking pills that makes people feel special, I've found, such that I feel many do so unnecessarily. This product has capitalized big-time on this phenomenon. Severity: 2

Monday, March 10, 2008

Public Input Needed: Vote For Most Baffling Annoyance

I'm curious what visitors to this blog think is the oddest annoyance I have. By odd, I mean you can't see how something could annoy someone enough to waste the time to write it down. For reference, refresh your memory with the archives and don't forget to check out the old entries on my main website. I will allow you to pick up to 3. Based on the responses, I may or may not do some soul-searching and do my best to stop being annoyed by things that shouldn't bother me so much. Thanks,


#311: Sooner Rather Then Later

This phrase is used a lot at my work to describe when someone wants something done, and it bothers me as a stupid thing to say that people must think sounds clever to say. Severity: 1

Thursday, March 06, 2008

#310: Meeting Requests

People at work that ask you if you're available for a meeting and never check your calendar. It's much simpler to just do that and if the person can't do it, they can decline. Severity: 1

#309: Self-Spoilers

Anyone who actively reads a recap or blog of a show before they watch it annoys me greatly because I can't fathom how someone can't have the patience to wait till they watch the show to find out what happens. To me, watching the show not knowing what is going to happen is one of the great joys of TV watching and so the fact that some people don't share this belief makes me think the human race is doomed. Severity: 4

#308: Loud, low-threshold laughers

Lately, I've been around some loud laughers and it gets annoying after a while because typically, loud laugher are also low-threshold laughers that will laugh frequently without just cause. I don't mind loud laughing if it's justified, but when it happens with great frequency and usually for things that aren't really that funny, then it becomes something that I feel the laugher just wants to hear themself laugh or thinks it's cool for others to hear them. After a while, it gets old and hurts my ears. Severity: 3

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

#307: Receipt Givers

When you order something to go at a restaurant for lunch or dinner where they call a number and people go to claim their order and try to hand the person their number proving it's really their food. These people don't care. They know that it's your food or else the real owner would dispute the interloper. So why people feel a need to present the order receipt to the worker is a mystery to me. I also don't know why this bothers me so much, since I would think only people in the job of having to refuse or crumple the person's receipt would care. Severity: 3