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Monday, August 12, 2019

#427: Swim suit spin dryer overuse

You only need maybe 3 seconds to use the spin dryer to dry a bathing suit yet many sit there for 20 seconds thinking they have to get it bone dry.  Just needs a little and then air dry later.  Keeps me waiting and also bad for the fabric.  Severity: 2

Saturday, June 01, 2019

#426: Credit Card Cash Back vs. Gift Card Usage for Points

Currently have a cash back credit card that has the standard 1 point = 1 cent for cash back purposes.  They also offer an option to redeem the points for gift cards.  However, I find it dumb that the gift card rate is the same as cash back rate.  Why would anyone redeem for a gift card when there is not a better conversion rate?  They should offer a discount for gift card redeeming; like you only need 4,900 points to get a $50 gift card.  They offer this on a few select gift cards, but all should have some discount.  Severity: 2