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Saturday, May 22, 2010

#366: Unnecessary BART car movement

I don't like when people feel the need to switch BART cars for no reason.  In my mind, the only reason to move cars is if there isn't a full seat for you to have no one to sit by or if there is some scummy or smelly person(s) in the car you want to get away from.  But I often see people moving cars and it seems wasteful and anti-social.  Severity: 1

Sunday, May 16, 2010

#365: No Cocktail Sauce in New Zealand

For a country that is so big into fish and chips, it annoyed me that I could never have this for dipping anywhere that served this dish, which was about everywhere and often the only thing worth getting.  I don't see how it can't exist in this country, given how complimentary it seems (to me) to this food, but they only have tartar sauce there.  Once in a bar when I asked for it, they said they didn't have it, but I guess this woman must have had others ask for it because she said she'd mix me up some, but it was more like Russian dressing, though I did appreciate the effort.  Were I to move here, I would have to ship in some or make my own and bring it with me to the fish and chips shops if eating there.  Severity: 3

#364: Slowdown for E-toll

People that slow down to almost a stop when then go through the Fastrak or other electronic toll booth because they are scared it won't register their toll tag annoy me.  Because not only will it read your toll at normal speeds, but even if it doesn't, nothing will happen to you as you didn't do anything wrong and they just manually will charge your account via video review.  Severity: 3