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Monday, September 29, 2008

#331: Blackberry Buzzing

People at meetings that have their blackberries out and they buzz for every email vibrating on the table. Why do people need to get a buzz for every email? They are going to check it every 5 seconds anyway. It's distracting to me. Severity: 3

Sunday, September 07, 2008

#330: Single Serving Laundromat Supplies

It annoys me to see people wasting money buying single-use supplies from the laundromat vending machine. To pay 75 cents for 2 sheets of Bounce is shameful. How hard is it to buy a 120 sheet pack like I do and take some to the laundromat when you do your clothes? Instead of paying 38 cents a sheet, I pay something like 3 cents and save on trash by not creating packaging waste like this fool did. Same goes for detergent purchases (which this guy also made). The laziness, lack of green, and extreme waste of money boils my blood a little. Severity: 3