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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

#373: Ear-Pluggers on BART

I don't like when people put their fingers in their ears to block out the BART tube / tunnel noise.  First of all, though it's unpleasant, it's not that big a deal.  And for these people for which it is a big deal, they should either get earplugs or where big headphones as I do which allows you to mute the noise a bit and listen to music.  Instead of looking like a fool and embarrassing themselves, these people need to spend a few cents or just man up a bit.  Severity: 2

#372: 2 Strike Standing Up Inflation

People used to stand up at baseball games with 2 strikes only during crucial moments of a game.  Now, every 2 strike count, the home fans feel they need to stand and  go crazy.  It's been devalued and it's time for people to calm down.  It's a long game.  Severity: 2

#371: God Bless America

This 911 tradition of singing in the 7th inning stretch during a baseball game has worn out its welcome.  I'm tired of it and it's time to retire it so that if something bad happens again, we can bring it out.  As it stands now, we will be at a loss with what inspirational lameness to perform should another terrible event happen.  Maybe a moment of silence before every game will be the next foolish gesture.  Severity: 3