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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

#421:Urban Deforestation

For a variety of reasons, vegetation is being cut down in and around cities.  Whether due to people being overly scared about fire, homeowners being overly concerned about conserving water or too lazy to rake leaves, or just a general aesthetic to want nature to be "tamed", a lot of the nice greenery that I enjoyed around my house in Oakland is being thinned out and I find it sad.  It takes away from privacy and make it less peaceful.  Especially along Highway 13, the removal is dramatic, causing noise pollution in the surround hiking trails and for the unfortunate people living near the freeway that used to have a natural sound barrier.  I think it's some economic reason too that the tree cutting companies have incentive to keep working so recommend more than necessary and Caltrans has a budget they have to spend or lose it.  Severity: 5