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Saturday, January 17, 2009

#345: Online Customer Service

A lot of time, I have issues with accounts that aren't that urgent, so I figure I'll use the online "contact us" secure email to ask my question. But 80% of the time, I get a response to the effect that "Sorry, we can't help you, we'll forward this to someone else who will research it and get back to you" and this happens even with simple things. It really makes it pointless to offer this option if you can't really solve your problems via this communication method. Severity: 2

#344: No Juice in Lemonade

I've notice that on fountain drink dispensers, Minute Maid Lemonade now says "contains 0% juice" which I find appalling. I mean, at least make an attempt to make us feel that we are enjoying real lemon. I refuse to ever drink this beverage, even if I'm really craving lemonade. Severity: 1

Thursday, January 08, 2009

#343: Multiple Account Bank Mailings

There is this one small bank I have some money in. I have 2 CDs, a Savings Account, and a checking account. The fools send me 4 separate envelopes with statements for each one. Not only can they not figure out how to link them all into one statement and one envelope, but I even said I don't want to get paper statements and they can't NOT send them out because they don't do electronic statements and the bank law states you must provide one somehow. Fools. Severity: 2

Monday, January 05, 2009

#342: Early Magazine Renewal Letters

Hopefully I don't have this one already (I am up there in numbers by now), but I just got a renewal for my BusinessWeek on January 5. My subscription expires on JULY 27! And I expect at least 5 more letters before they give up. Severity: 2

#341: Early Happy New Year Wishes

Please don't wish me happy new year before the new year. It is bad luck. Only after sundown on December 31 through 11:59:59pm on January 31 is this wish appropriate. Severity: 1

#340: Swerving 4-wheel drivers

I've noticed a lot of people driving in the snow in Tahoe skidding around turns and purposely swerving while driving straight in order for them to enjoy their 4wd vehicle not skidding out. This also allows them to justify the thousands of dollars extra they paid for the vehicle and in gas due to bad economy for going skiing 3 times a year. I find it arrogant, stupid, and dangerous. Severity: 4