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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

#417: Can't Cancel Online Orders

Lately, I've had a few incidents with Amazon and Home Depot where I placed an order and then immediately wanted to either change the payment used or cancel an order (on a weekend so before it was shipped) and they don't allow it.  I understand that for efficiency if an item is shipped super fast like at Amazon, this might be the case that technically they can't stop or change an order, but it's stupid to be so inflexible, especially with Home Depot where I had an item that is not scheduled to ship for 2 weeks yet they say they can't stop it.  And with Amazon, why can't I change the payment method?  They said to do so, I'd have to actually send it back and reorder it.  Idiotic.  Unless it's intended so you just keep things you don't want, then it's good business, but dishonest.  Severity: 5