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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

#255: Seinfeld Song

I find it annoying that I'm the only one that seems to see the similarity between Bobby Brown's My Prerogative and the Seinfeld theme song. Listen closely to that background synthesizer at the :18 mark in Seinfeld and then envision a sped-up chorus of BB without the words. I'm telling you, it's there. Now, BB doesn't really deserve any lawsuit money what with that gumby haircut he sported at one time along with the various beatings he metted out on people, but I think he's entitled to some restitution if his lawyers discover my findings. Oh, and by the way, My Prerogative hit #1 and came out in 1988, just 1 year before the Seinfeld Chronicles special was released in 1989. Everyone I tell this too doesn't see it and it's frustrating. Severity: 2

Monday, September 18, 2006

#254: Saving Parking Spots

I hate it when I see people standing in the street trying to save a spot for their friend. It's morally bankrupt to do this since only a car can save a spot, otherwise, any bum could sit in a chair and charge people to make him move. This story reminded me of the annoyance and I guess others take the same, albeit much more violent, offense to the practice as I do. Severity: 3 (equates to a mean glare, NOT knifing)

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

#253: Inefficient Scanning

When in the checkout line and either I or the person in front of me has several of the same item and the clerk scans each one instead of using the QTY button on the cash register and only having to scan the item once. The lack of efficiency is annoying, especially considering how little creativity this job allows the worker. They should be excited to be able to use the QTY button. Severity: 2

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

#252: Too Many Limper Spaces

In certain types of business, like ski areas, there should not be a requirement for the same ratio of handicap spots as regular businesses have because it's reasonable to assume that handicap people will not be going to places like this. Severity: 2