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Saturday, April 11, 2009

#357: Subway Robots

I don't like how so many people are suckered into the $5 Footlong deal at Subway. There are nearly as many Subways now in downtown SF as Starbucks and at lunch, you see a ton of fools walking around with their lame plastic bags from this place. Don't people realize that the amount of meat on the sandwich is shamefully small, regardless of the large length of the sandwich, and low quality meat to boot? I pay $5.75 for a roast beef sandwich at my favorite shop. It's not a giant sub I can carry around in a plastic bag like all the other office drones, but it does have probably 4x the meat on 1/4 the bread and is Boar's Head which is top notch, on toasted sour dough with excellent condiments and the profits are local and not plowed into funding Jared's retirement. People need to realize they are being played by the marketing and instead support and enjoy a better quality product from a local sandwich shop. Severity: 4

Friday, April 10, 2009

#356: Stock Market Closed Days

In addition to my being annoyed when I have to work and the stock market is closed (which I think I already may have an entry for) I get annoyed by the fact that the online stock prices have the same change information from the previous day's activity and it misleads you into thinking that this is the change for today, until you realize the market is not open. It's not hard for them to just put "Stock Market Closed" somewhere prominently to indicate the changes are from the previous day. Even the WSJ fails at this. Severity: 3

#355: Needless Umbrella Carrying

When I see people carrying umbrellas around on a day that I know for sure it won't rain, it annoys me. People simply need to spend 10 seconds to surf net for the weather and then know that even though it's cloudy, it's not going to rain. Severity: 2

Thursday, April 09, 2009

#354: Long Pants During Workouts

I don't understand why women wear long pants or sweats when working out indoors. It's obviously not cold and most of the time, they have nothing to be ashamed about their legs. It doesn't make sense to me why they do not wear shorts. As someone that sweats a lot, it bothers me that people are not fully ventilating themselves. Severity: 1

#353: Not Fully Utilizing the Elliptical Machine

I occasionally go to my alternate gym instead of swimming and do the elliptical machine and I always notice that everyone always just goes on and doesn't program in any setting like Hills. They just do some boring flat easy thing. Lame workout and it would be much better for them to very the resistance, but people are too lazy to figure out the machine settings. Severity: 2

Monday, April 06, 2009

#352: Slow Outlook Email Searching

I'm unbelievable how slow searching for old emails using key words in your offline Outlook is. Microsoft should be ashamed of how it can be that searching online in your humongous history of Gmail is WAY faster. Terrible. Severity: 4

#351: Unusable Abbreviation

In my job, there is a lot of times I need to write the word "Japanese" and would like to abbreviate it. It's always annoying that you can't use the obvious and easiest abbreviation because of the racist connotations. Thanks a lot you damn WW II era epithet users. Severity: 2

Saturday, April 04, 2009

#350: White "Chocolate"

My great love of chocolate is what really upsets me about the existence of white "chocolate" because it is not chocolate (the only remote connection is that it must contain at least 20% cocoa butter), yet it appears in collections of chocolate candies as a way to lessen the cost of the collection. I don't understand how it came to be called what it is. Even the FDA has ruled it is not real chocolate after chocolate manufacturers complained. It's not terrible, but it takes away from real chocolate that I'd rather have in my collections. Furthermore, I once bought a whole box of white chocolate Reese's Peanut Butter Cups from Costco because they were on a steep discount (with good reason) and before I knew about the scam. I suffered through finishing that box at work, only when I was desperate for some sugar. Severity: 3