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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

#387: "Official" Days

Newsfeeds or people that giddily announce that it's National xxxx Day.  There is no novelty in this because there is no real authority and anyone can say anything, so it's getting very old.  Example today: National Rum Day.  It's like every PR person representing some product has to create one of these fake days or else they will lose face to their cohorts in the other industries.  Severity: 3

Monday, August 15, 2011

#386: Bikes on Sidewalks Unecessarily

When people ride bikes along the Embarcadero, it annoys me as I ride down the said street because they are battling all the walkers and tourist and the street is perfectly safe.  I don't see why these people are scared to ride in the street on these waterfront roads.  Same goes for Marina Blvd.  Only exception is people that are riding really slow as tourists and just chilling.  My annoyance applies to the real riders going at a good pace.  Also, I can forgive sidewalk riding, if done with care, on streets that are tight and dangerous, like Bay.  Severity: 2

Friday, August 05, 2011

#385: So

The common practice of prefacing some web headline or other internet chatter with "so" is played out.  Please stop doing it, people.  It's similar to someone putting "like" before what they want to say to sound like a valley girl only in this case, I'm not sure what the image is they are going for, maybe hipster.  Example from today.  Severity: 2