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Sunday, October 29, 2006

#260: Daylight Savings Wimps

People that complain when DST begins or ends. It's really not that big a deal and it happens every year so people should have been able to deal with it by now. Severity: 1

#259: Bike Helmet Police

When mountain biking in a new location, some guy yelled at me as I was going down "Hey guy, you need a helmet here." What's it to him? My lack of wearing a helmet in no way affects his use of the trails. And there's no law that requires helmet usage for bikers, regardless of what the open space preserves claims the regulations are. Severity: 2

Thursday, October 26, 2006

#258: Carl's Jr. Combo Size Question

At CJ, when asking for the Famous Star combo, they ask what size I want. Well, I don't even know what the sizes are. I just want to pay the $4.79 that is on the menu. So, I think it's a scam that they ask you the size and then increase the price if you say anything but "small." It makes more sense to have the standard price and then ask if you want to "upgrade" it to a bigger size for an additional charge. If they have different prices for different size combos, they should list them all to avoid confusion. Severity: 2

Friday, October 13, 2006

#257: RISP Statistics

When watching baseball and they have a statistic such as "The A's are 0 for 11 with runners in scoring position". The problem I have with this statistic is that the failure itself increases the chances without a corresponding chance for success. For instance, given this example, it most likely would be impossible for a team to go 11 for 11 because had they knocked in the runs on the first chance, there would be no more RISP. Therfore, I feel the better statistic is number of times a runner was in scoring position that the runner scored. So, with zero out and a runner on second, 2 guys strike out and the third guy knocks him in, it would be considered 1 for 1, not 1 for 3. You shouldn't have a denominator for which it's impossible to have and equal numerator for a statistic like this, but the TV guys just want to shock the viewers with the numbers. Severity: 3

#256: Automatic Transmission Driving Style

People that drive an automatic transmission car and hold one hand on the gear shifter for Park, Neutral, etc. It's unnecessary. Severity: 2