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Sunday, April 27, 2008

#316: 7-11 Hot Dog Purchases

One of my great joys is having a salty 1/4 pound Big Bite hot dog at the Mill Valley 7-11 on the way home from mountain biking. However, the process is annoying to me because when you pay for it, the guy gets the hot dog from the rollers, puts in the bun and puts it in the box, but then leaves it over at the condiment area so I have to walk all the way over to there for nothing (since I don't put anything on it) and then back out the door. So, today, I said "I'll have a hot dog plain" and the guy responded "do you want a bun?" and I was like, "Yeah" and he still put it over at the condiment area. So, I'm both annoyed that the guy thought plain meant no bun and that he didn't understand that I was saying not to put it over at the condiment area since I wasn't going to put anything on it; just give it to me. Anyway, all the drama involved in getting the hot dog purchase to go as efficiently as I want it to go is just plain annoying. Severity: 2