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Sunday, March 10, 2013

#407: Jean Skiers

People that ski in jeans make me feel so embarrassed for them, that it annoys me.  It looks lame with the pant legs all bunched up at the boot and functionally, it's terrible clothing for the sport allowing no flexibility, poor breathing, and no water resistance in case of falling.  Severity: 1

Saturday, March 02, 2013

#406: Back Door Bus Thankers

It's nice that people getting off the bus thank the driver as they exit next to them via the front door on the transit system I'm using now (SF Muni has too bad of a history for people to do much of this).  But is it really necessary when people exit through the back door to yell "Thank you!" very loudly?  I mean, don't you think the driver already is thanked enough such that if you personally neglect to thank him / her that they will still feel appreciated by the hundreds of others getting off and thanking them throughout the day?  Severity: 1

#405: Dumb Product Boasts

When I see products such as chocolate chip cookies that say "Made with real chocolate!" it makes me scoff.   Maybe in times when chocolate becomes so expensive, products are forced to use some fake ingredient to mimic it, then I can understand it.  But used now, it's just lazy marketing.  Similarly, burger chains that boast "100% all beef" are stupid.  Though in Europe with the horsemeat scandal, maybe it's valid there.  Severity: 2